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Document Management


Capture, classify and store all documents in a central and secure repository. Peer-to-peer document sharing and simple workflow improve collaboration and efficient file access. Transparent version management, with all versions contained in a single file, together with fully automated check in and check out provide the perfect working environment for improved productivity in any organisation.

Email Management

Emails & Email Attachments

Capture, automatically tag and store important email messages and attachments, in a central and secure repository. Emails and attachments no longer have to be stored in the recipient's inbox; they can be stored securely and shared in the collaborative environment provided by FileSphere's Information Management Platform.

Image Management

Images, Photos & Graphics

Automatic tagging based on the metadata native to image files provides a wealth of metadata for organising, retrieving and grouping images and photos especially. Using a combination of the preview pane and drag & drop tagging you can effortlessly tag images based on their viewable content. Specific security access can be conferred to users by assigning a user role, at repository level, with a customised set of privileges, to reflect your organisation's security policy for images.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Assets

FileSphere provides a comprehensive set of functions to effectively manage digital assets such as photos, videos, music and potentially any digital document of form considered valuable to an organisation. The system facilitates annotation of assets using metadata, providing effective storage and retrieval functions to reduce asset location times and streamline business processes.

Information Management


 FileSphere is an electronic mail, document and file management system providing a solution to assist organisations with information management and e-Discovery. By providing a centrally managed platform, information from various sources is easily captured, classified and stored. The system provides both enterprise search and enterprise navigation tools to ensure information is easily accessible with several levels of access control, auditing and access history logs.

Fax, Copy, Print and Scan

Fax, Copy, Print and Scan

FileSphere provides functions to acquire electronic information directly from the file system. This allows an organisation to automate the capture and classification of faxes and scanned documents in a central repository. It also allows for the conversion of paper documents to electronic form, reducing an organisation's carbon footprint, providing a system of improved collaboration, retention and archival and the provision of an audit trail for the use of photocopy and printing devices.