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About FileSphere
FileSphere Pty Limited was established to focus on the emerging global standards for RDF, OWL and Web Services and to develop market leading products for document and information management. 
Recognising the information overload caused by the ever increasing volume of email and documents produced and received by businesses today, FileSphere Pty Ltd was created to address the limitations of current systems and assist the information workplace.

FileSphere products are based on Web Services technologies and the Microsoft .NET platform. They are developed for small, medium and large enterprises intending to establish a flexible platform for the management of all types of electronic documents. FileSphere makes document management simple yet powerful and efficient. 
Neurocom Group

FileSphere is a member of the Neurocom Group, which includes five of the most advanced technology companies in Australia:

  • NameScan - AML, Sanctions, PEPs & CTF instant Name Scan
Neurocom Group
FileSphere Awards
Emerging Technology Innovation Award

FileSphere was selected as a Finalist for the inaugural Emerging Technology Innovation Award by ZDNet Australia and CeBIT2007

Centenary Medal for Services to Science & Technology 

Bahram Boutorabi, CEO/CTO & Founder of FileSphere, was awarded the Centenary Medal for Services to Science & Technology by the Manly Daily, as part of their centenary year celebrations.

APC Magazine, Editor's Choice Award for FileSphere Professional 2006

"Excellent, elegant document management and versioning" plus 4.5 stars, was the verdict after a review of Filesphere Professional 2006, by Matthew Overington, in APC Magazine (Nov 2006).

Creative Digital Technology

Creative Digital Technology

Creative Digital Technology (CDT), is one of Australia’s most experienced Internet technology companies. It has provided vision, inspiration and leadership since its inception in 1992. As the Neurocom Group’s service division, CDT draws on the expertise and individual specialisations of the Neurocom Group members, to provide best of breed custom developed solutions for clients across a broad range of industries.


MemberCheck is a comprehensive online compliance service, which enables organisations to securely check their entire customer base, of individual or corporate clients, in an efficient and cost effective manner. MemberCheck utilises the most detailed and accurate global list available today, of politically exposed persons, officially sanctioned individuals and persons of special interest.



GPayments is a world leader in the development of authentication and payment solutions for online transactions and provides products internationally for financial institutions (issuers and acquirers), payment service providers, online merchants and cardholders. Through GPayments' expertise the group is a member of the Federal Government's Identity Management & Authentication Consultancy Services Panel.


NameScan a member of the Neurocom group, is based in Australia and provides a publicly accessible online service which enables users to scan the names of individual persons or companies instantly, against the Dow Jones Watchlists, the most detailed and accurate global watchlists available today of Politically Exposed Persons, officially sanctioned individuals and persons of Special Interest. Try NameScan's Free OFAC, UN and UK Sanctions search now.