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Any file type,

any application

Tag, retrieve, preview, view, edit, manage, share and publish any, and all, of your electronic files using a familiar interface.




Pinpoint files much faster. Take advantage of enhanced Windows searching. Find files easily using the method that suits you best.

Single source

of truth

Don't know which is the latest version of a file? It's no longer a problem. All versions are in a single view and editor, date and time stamped.

Enhance your productivity

Enhance your


Benefit from intelligent and automated features, including version control, file check in / check out, tagging and file sharing.

All you need to manage and work with your documents from within any application
  • screenshot showing a document being saved directly into FileSphere
In a nutshell
  • Support for all electronic file types including Microsoft® Office files, Apache OpenOfficeTM files, Adobe® files, multimedia files, emails, images, spreadsheets, presentations, text files and compressed files 
  • Embedded access through Microsoft® Office applications (FileSphere Ribbon), Microsoft® Outlook and Windows Explorer
  • Simple document tagging with multi-dimensional metadata tags
  • Easy retrieval using enhanced Windows Search functionality or predictive prompts in the built-in FileSphere Retrieval Bar or by organising files into dynamic views
  • Simple file sharing and collaboration with auto check out and check in
  • Web interface for remote access and for users without FileSphere installed
  • Automatic version control with all versions of any file stored within a single file view
  • Excellent, elegant document management and versioning.APC Magazine

  • I don't get too excited normally, but this is a fantastic app. Developed locally in Sydney.. Frank Arrigo, Microsoft